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hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home, Bedroom or Office – True HEPA H13 Filter to Remove Allergens Such as Mold, Dust, Dander – Pet Smell and Smoke Odor Eliminator – Night Light and Child Lock Function

REMOVES 99.97% OF MICROSCOPIC PARTICLES- Our air purifier utilizes a True HEPA H13 filter guaranteed to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns in size (really tiny).3-STAGE FILTRATION – Includes a pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon filter to effectively remove the smallest particles in the air. Each filter lasts up to 2100 hours. IMPORTANT: The…

Businesses Set to Boom After Covid

Coronavirus has affected the World severely. Many businesses are declining due to the Pandemic.

But the Pandemic is not all that bad as it creates opportunities for new business. Existing industries are working to fit themselves within the new reality.

Here is the list of industries that will boom or continue to boom after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

No Touch Keychain Tool Touchless Door Opener with Stylus-Function for Surfaces, Touchscreens, Handles, Buttons(5 PACKS)

❤【SAFETY】- Zero-touch gadget to prevent you from danger.❤【MULTIPURPOSE】- Press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/door knobs without touching directly.With a silicone cap you can handle screen-touch device.❤【COMFORTABLE & DURABLE】– The utility key chains can handle tools and touch buttons safely , the hook is easy to hang on pockets, belt straps, the small hole on…

Dermal-Tech Fogger Machine Portable Electric Backpack Mister Sprayer Disinfecting máquina de desinfección portátil Suitable for Hospitals, Homes, Schools, Cars, Public Places (2.64 Gallon 10L)

✔️BACKPACK FOGGER MACHINE: Easy to carry backpack container made to excel in large area spraying. Max Fluid Capacity 2.65gallon 10L, powered by a 1200W 110VAC electric motor, high effective coverage of 6-12mts / 26.2ft – 39.5ft, Output of 1-15GPH & adjustable Particle Sizes of 0-50μm/Mm, covering fields, lawns/gardens, crops, plants & grow beds/areas in stellar…

Spray Gun Fogger Machine Portable Cordless Steam Atomizing Sprays Blu-ray ULV Hand Sprayer Gun for Disinfecting, Desinfección, máquina Suitable for Home, Office, Hotel, Car, Travel etc; (US Plug)

✅FOR HOME, OFFICE & TRAVEL – This Disinfection Steam fog Sprayer can make your life easier with a simple press and spray. Apply directly on any surface, sofa, bed, bathtub, clothingת towel, mat, carpet, keyboard, and more. Enjoy a cleaner healthier environment with fewer germs and bad fragrance around.✅LIGHTWEIGHT EASY TO USE: This fogger is…

Coping with Germaphobia During Coronavirus Crisis

Will the coronavirus pandemic make you a germaphobe, or are you one already?

It is certain that it will bring new habits to many. Some people may develop unrealistic fears of pathogens, and for those already with this fear, will increase their fear or will take extra precautions.

The COVID-19 crisis will likely also lead to a flood of other mental health issues.

The Mitt – The First Contactless Wipe | Compare To Organic Hand Sanitizer Travel Size – Natural Aloe & Eucalyptus Oil & Alcohol | Germaphobe Hand Sanitizer | Sanitizing Airplanes, Ships, Business.

Yep, a luxury wipe. Thicker, Safer, Better Smell. Oh, and we’re the only ones that handle curves.Cracks, Crevices, Turns, Straps, Poles, Knobs, Buttons. Are You Really Sanitizing With Your Wipe?No Need To Worry About It Getting Balled Up. The Mitt Has You Covered Start To Finish.New World, New Wipe. An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth…

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