5 Natural Remedies to Treat Dust Mite Allergies


According to research, around 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites. These small organisms live in humid and warm environments. Therefore, you are likely to find them in upholstered furniture, beddings, and carpets.

When you breathe in dust mites’ waste products, your immune system will produce antibodies. This immune response is likely to cause symptoms associated with dust mite allergies. These symptoms include a runny nose, itchy skin, coughing, sinus pressure, and watery eyes. Do the following to treat these allergies.

Use Allergen Covers

Allergen mattress covers and pillow covers can help you treat dust mite allergies. These covers seal in dust mites and their wastes, ensuring that you do not inhale this waste when sleeping. When in need of these covers, you can buy covers made of natural fibers, plastic, or vinyl. Plastic allergen covers usually have zippers that help seal in dust mites’ waste. They are easy to clean and have an outer nylon layer that makes them comfortable. When using these covers, you should put electrical or duct tape over their zippers. Doing this will help ensure that you completely block the dust mites from coming out of your mattress. You should wash these bed allergen covers after every week using hot water and dry them under direct sun.

Wash Your Bed Lines and Clothing Weekly

To ensure that you do not experience the symptoms associated with dust mite allergies, you should wash your bed linens and clothing every week. When cleaning these linens and clothing, you should use hot water since dust mites, and the protein they produce cannot survive in very high temperatures. You should also use organic laundry detergents when washing these linens. These detergents will help remove all the allergens that are on your bed linens and clothes without irritating your skin. They are made using natural ingredients.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Carpets often collect dust. Therefore, dust mites are likely to live in any carpets inside your home. To reduce the symptoms associated with these allergens, you should avoid wall-to-wall carpeting. If possible, you should keep carpets out of your bedroom. If you decide to have them, you should wet-vacuum them every week. Doing this will help you get rid of dust, dust mites, and dust mites’ waste. You should, however, wear a mask when cleaning this carpet since dust and dust mites will move around the room. Once in a while, you should steam-vacuum the carpet. The steam coming from your vacuum cleaner will kill any dust mites in your indoor space since these allergens cannot survive in high temperatures. Using a vacuum cleaner that contains HEPA filters will also help you get rid of dust mites.

Keep the Humidity Levels in Your Home Low

Dust mites love moist and hot environments. Therefore, if the humidity levels in your home are high, these microscopic creatures will live there and reproduce rapidly. That is why you need to keep the humidity levels in your home less than 50 percent, especially if you experience dust mite allergy symptoms. A dehumidifier can help you do so. You should also buy a hygrometer as it will help you monitor the amount of moisture in your home.

Use an Indoor Allergen Neutralizer

Many people decide to use pesticides and harsh chemicals when it comes to dust mite allergy treatment. Exposure to these chemicals may result in headaches, eye irritation, nausea, and muscular weakness. Therefore, they might not be the best option for you if you often experience allergic symptoms associated with dust mites. Instead of using these chemicals, you should consider using natural indoor allergen neutralizers. These products are usually made from seed extracts and fruits and therefore do not cause the toxic side effects caused by pesticides.

Dust mites can live in your carpets, mattress, and upholstered furniture. These tiny organisms can make you experience different allergy symptoms, including sneezing, skin irritation, and sinus pressure. To ensure that you do not experience these symptoms, you should wet-vacuum your carpet every week, wash your bed linens and clothing weekly and use allergen bed covers. Using indoor allergen neutralizers can also help you get rid of the dust mites in your home.

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