5 Ways to Keep Bacteria Low Inside Your Home


Failure to get rid of bacteria inside your home could put you and your loved ones at the risk of getting infections.

To stop germs from spreading all over your home, it is essential that you clean areas that are notorious for the spread of germs. These areas include the kitchen and the washroom. It doesn’t mean that you forget about areas like the corridors and living room. You can only prioritize some areas but be sure to clean the entire house if you have the time. The following are five ways you can keep bacteria low inside your home.

Get the Correct Cleaning Items and Chemicals

We all know the preferred cleaning products that make our homes clean. Despite this, it is advisable to get recommended cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and safe for home use. Also, you cannot use the same chemicals to clean your bathroom and kitchen. Ensure you read and understand the instructions of each chemical to know where to use them and the preferred quantity. For example, 35 food-grade hydrogen peroxide will work as a safe disinfectant in the kitchen. You should also have items like brushes and moppers to help you clean your house thoroughly. Some people recommend using warm water when cleaning the house. It is not necessary, but you may consider using warm water when you have a toddler. Children are sensitive to chemicals, so it would be reasonable if you chose to use warm water to clean some areas.

Clean Your House Regularly

Don’t wait until you have a party or a big event to clean your house. It is advisable to always maintain a good level of cleanliness in the house regardless of whether visitors are coming. To avoid germs from spreading, you should deep clean your house at least once every eight weeks. Children who live inside the home should also be involved in cleaning exercises as they will grow up to appreciate it more. The best way to ensure your house is regularly cleaned is to set up a schedule. It will help you plan your time and update you on which areas need immediate cleaning and which sections need shallow cleaning. It would help if you cleaned your house daily or at least every two days.

Focus on High Touch Areas

High-touch areas are those areas of your house commonly touched by people. They include doorknobs, taps, and handles. For example, every time someone opens the door, they will use the doorknob. These areas should be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of germs inside the home. To make sure that you clean these areas, you need to identify them first. If you have carpets in your house, it is advisable to vacuum them as dirt and grime collect there much faster than on tiled floors and wooden floors. Once this dust is settled, you can focus on high touchpoints. Do not forget kitchen cabinet handles and furniture edges as you clean these areas.

Change Your Bed Sheets Often

People spend a third of their lives in bed. It is why you must change your bed sheets frequently. You don’t need to buy new ones each week; changing the sheets every two weeks will be fine. The more often you change them, the more bacteria-free they will be. It also helps that you clean your mattress when changing your sheets as it can be a hiding place for germs and dead skin cells.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Flooring often gets lower priority than other parts of a house. People never think that they can get dirt on their floors from carpets. To clean your floors regularly, you need to sweep and vacuum them after every use. Also, replace your mop with a new one every few months to prevent bacteria from spreading.

What You Need To Clean and Disinfect Your House

When preparing to start cleaning your home, ensure you have the following:

  1. Disinfectant solution
  2. Mop or cloths to wipe the surfaces
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Disinfectant spray bottles
  5. Rubber gloves
  6. Plastic bags

It is only through proper and regular cleaning of your house that you will minimize the spread of germs. Despite your tight schedule, plan your time to set aside an hour or two for cleaning your home.

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