Concerned About COVID-19, But Need to Travel? Use These Tips


COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can be transmitted through respiratory droplets. COVID-19 patients can transmit this virus to you when talking, sneezing, or coughing.

You can also transmit it to yourself when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after touching a contaminated surface. When suffering from this disease, you may experience fever and breathing difficulties. These symptoms may be severe if you have existing health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

You have probably at one time had a cough and fever and maybe thought you had contracted COVID-19. Perhaps that made you want to take more precautions to prevent being infected by the virus. However, you will notice that you need to travel. In such a case, you should factor in COVID-19 when planning your trip. For instance, you need to think about whether the place you are heading to is a COVID-19 RedZone or not. You should also come up with a list of tips that will help you protect yourself from this disease.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of the key enablers of many economic activities. However, it is one of the industries that have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The revenue generated by this industry has decreased due to the implemented containment measures. For instance, the government has imposed restrictions on international travel. That has led to a reduction in the demand for passenger air transport. Also, the government expects some of the plane seats to be left unoccupied for passengers to maintain social distance.

The behavior of travelers has also contributed to a reduction in the revenue generated by the aviation industry. For instance, most people intending to travel by air prefer private jets to public planes. That is because of the many health concerns associated with commercial airlines.

How Private Jets Are Still Around

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, private jet operators have enjoyed increased revenue. More people are using these planes when flying to different parts of the world. Using a private jet can enable you to go to places where public planes no longer fly to. They will also help you keep ample distances from your fellow travelers, reducing your risk of getting infected. According to Stratos Jet, “as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more and more travelers are looking to rent a private jet for flexibility and convenience.” You should be very cautious of high-traffic areas such as Dallas, which is a popular destination for business charter flights and those visiting the city for pleasure. To stay safe and cautious you may consider the option to rent a private jet to Dallas instead of taking a crowded commercial flight.

To further reduce further risks, you should follow these tips when traveling.

Wear N95 Masks

According to the CDC, N95 masks can slow the spread of coronavirus. These masks usually meet the U.S quality standards and filter out small and large particles. Therefore, they can offer you the highest level of protection against coronavirus.

To keep yourself safe, you should wear the mask properly. For instance, when wearing it, you should only touch its bands. You should also ensure that the face mask covers your chin, mouth, and nose. The face mask should be correctly disposed of after use.

Wear Face Shields

When traveling on private jets, you should wear face shields. These shields will protect you against coronavirus. They will cover all the gateways for the virus, including your eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, when wearing them, you will not be able to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. That will reduce the chances of you introducing virus-packed particles to your body. You should wear the face shield together with your face mask to protect yourself fully. You should also ensure that you wear the face shield correctly. To wear it correctly, position the face shield’s forehead band at least half an inch above your eyebrows. The shield’s bottom should sit below your chin.

Wash Your Hands Frequently and Wipe Your Sitting Area

To stay safe, you should wash your hands frequently and wipe the surface of your seat’s surrounding area. You should also avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes when on the plane. Wiping your seat, tray table, armrest, and back of the seat in front of you is also important. However, you should ensure that you use a disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol content.

When planning a trip, you need to factor in COVID-19, and various tips will come in handy. For instance, you should think about protecting yourself from the disease. Some of the things that can help you protect yourself include wearing a mask and a face shield. You should also wash your hands frequently and wipe your sitting area using a disinfectant that contains alcohol.

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