How to Stay Coronavirus Safe on an Airplane


If you’re planning a flight, it’s important to take steps to avoid infection with the novel coronavirus. Luckily, it often is possible to prevent infection by following some simple precautions.

Here are seven tips that can help you avoid coronavirus on a plane:

Make Sure Your Mask Fits Properly

In order to ensure that your mask works, it’s essential to ensure that it fits properly. Otherwise, the air is likely to get in around the edges, which could lead to infection. Check the fit by seeing if you can feel air leaking out near the edges when you exhale.

Carry Hand Sanitizer With You

Using hand sanitizer that contains an alcohol concentration of at least 70% is a great way to clean your hands when you can’t get to a bathroom. However, the CDC does not recommend the use of non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

How Likely are You to Catch Covid-19 From a Surface?

The virus that causes Covid-19 typically does not typically spread via surface contamination. While this type of transmission is possible, the virus typically spreads via aerosols and respiratory droplets. This is why wearing a mask significantly reduces your chances of contracting Covid-19.

Choose an N95 or KN95 Mask

The type of mask that you wear is extremely important. An N95 or KN95 will offer substantially more protection against the virus than surgical or cloth masks. Though, it’s important to make sure that you do not choose one with a vent. That’s because these masks do not prevent you from spreading the disease to others.

What About Double Masking?

Double masking with two surgical masks can reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 more than wearing a single surgical or cloth mask. However, it usually is not as effective as wearing an N95 or KN95 mask.

What is an N99 or N100 Mask?

While N99 and N100 masks are often hard to find, they may provide even stronger protection than an N95. An N99 mask will filter out 99% of all airborne particles, and an N100 mask will filter out 99.97%.

Get Vaccinated if You Haven’t Already Received It

If you have not already received the vaccine, it’s important to get vaccinated before your flight. If you have only received your first two doses, getting the booster dose can lead to a significantly reduced risk of infection. In fact, the third shot can offer significantly increased protection against all strains of the novel coronavirus.

Choose a Window Seat

Your risk of contracting the virus while sitting in a window seat is somewhat lower than it would be if you were in an aisle seat. This is due to the air circulation on commercial flights. The air onboard a plane travels from the walls towards the aisle.

Keep Your Mask on Throughout the Flight

In order to avoid contracting coronavirus during your trip, it’s best to keep your mask on for the entire flight. This means that you should eat before you get on the plane or after the flight rather than dining on the plane. However, it’s best to avoid airport restaurants, which often tend to be quite crowded.

Realize That the Highest Risk is Getting On and Off of the Flight

While many people assume that the riskiest part of the trip is the flight itself, this is actually not true. In fact, you’re far more likely to contract the virus in the terminal. That’s because planes have an air circulation system, which greatly reduces the risk of viral transmission on the plane.

Therefore, it’s best to schedule your flight for a time when the terminal is likely to be less busy than usual. For instance, it’s typically best to schedule a flight that will depart and arrive during late night and/or early morning hours. If you’re planning a private flight, such as a charter jet in NYC, you’ll be able to schedule it for any time that you choose. If you are able to choose this option it is often the safest.

Following These Tips Can Reduce Your Chances of Catching Covid

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus. However, if you follow all the tips listed in this guide, it’s possible to significantly reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

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