How to Tackle Germs in Your Home During a Pandemic


Pandemics are a proliferation of communicable diseases. They’re a regular occurrence throughout human history. So, it’s important to understand how you can respond to them. Here are a few tips that should help you manage germs at home.

Replace Your Air Filters

One of the easiest ways you can reduce the number of germs around your home is by replacing your furnace filters. Don’t just get one that’s a good fit for your unit, though. You should look at each filter’s MERV rating.

This tells us how well the filter traps particles in the air. The higher its MERV rating, the smaller the particles it’ll trap. Picking a filter that’s got a rating above 13 can help slow the spread of germs.

They’re small enough to trap many airborne germs, preventing them from spreading. Using one of them at home would make your place a little more sterile.

Wash Your Hands Often

If you’ve been through medical school, you’ve learned the importance of hand-washing. The most common way germs spread is through contact.

You might touch something that’s got a germ on it, and then you could touch your face. Simply doing that could get you infected by a disease if you were covered with germs.

Washing your hands with warm, soapy water can stop that from happening. Just take a few moments to wash your hands after you’ve touched a foreign surface. You could even carry some hand sanitizer with you to make things easier.

Only use hand sanitizers with alcohol concentrations above 63%, though. Otherwise, it’s not going to be strong enough to kill all the germs on your hands.

Test Your Temperature

Your body usually warms up if it’s been infected by a virus. That’s because its metabolism is going into overdrive, fighting off the infection.

Most of the time, you’re only contagious if you’ve got a fever. That’s not always the case, but you should still take your temperature.

Regularly testing your temperature can let you know when it’s risky to venture out in public. If you’ve got a fever, then it would be better to stay home.

Modern thermometers can test temperatures in less than a minute, making them convenient. You should check yours before walking out the door each morning. Don’t leave if you’re a little warmer than usual.

Social Distancing at Home

Living by yourself would make it a lot easier to avoid germs. However, most people live with family or roommates. Learning how to social distance at home can also help you avoid the spread of germs.

Don’t spend more time than necessary near other people. Airborne germs spread a lot faster if they’re in an indoor environment.

Try to stay on the other side of the room from anyone else at home. That should give you enough space to avoid any type of infection from them.

Disinfect Surfaces

Cooking your own meals can be a healthy way to save money while avoiding public spaces. However, you’ve got to disinfect everything before you start making dinner.

If you’re making dinner, the kitchen must have clean counters. Otherwise, you could infect the food you’re eating with germs.

Using a household cleaner, take a microfiber cloth and wipe everything down. A good cleaner will contain antimicrobial chemicals, strong enough to kill germs.

Wiping them down like that will sterilize them, making it safe to prepare food. Remember to clean all your utensils as well. Washing your knives after you’re done will help prolong their lifespans.

Rotate Your Laundry

Sleeping on the same sheets every night can promote the development of bacteria. You might notice that your skin seems to break out more often. That’s because you’ve been sleeping on oily fabric, triggering acne flareups.

Rotating your laundry would make it way cleaner to sleep in your bed. Plus, it’ll help you keep your skin clear, too.

Managing Germs During a Pandemic

Controlling the spread of germs can help you prevent diseases from spreading at home. The tips we’ve given you should be enough to get started, but don’t stop there. Do your own research to figure out other ways you can stay healthy.

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