Tips for Deep Cleaning your New House Before Moving In


There’s nothing like the feeling of moving into a brand new home of your own. However, this can be quite a complex process; involving plenty of time-consuming chores. For instance — regardless of how clean your new home is, you’ll still have to give it a good cleaning. This goes double if the home was newly constructed or renovated; such a process is bound to leave some debris and dust laying around in hard-to-reach places.

If you want to truly relax once the relocation is complete, you’d do well to dive into deep cleaning your new house before moving in. That will give you ample time to deal with the whole house, and you will also spot stuff that has to be replaced or repaired. With that in mind, let’s go over the details!

Cleaning Your New Bathroom

Let’s face it — even if you ask professionals for assistance with your relocation, it’s going to take a while. But you can use that time for deep cleaning your new house before moving in! When you hire a moving company to deal with your relocation, you’d do well to clean the new household before the movers arrive with your stuff.

Once all of the boxes are cluttering up the place waiting to be unpacked, you’ll have a harder time getting into all the nooks and crannies. Considering all of that, though, the question is — where to start?

We recommend cleaning your bathroom first. The reason is pretty simple here; when you’re doing a lot of physical work in your first few days in the new house, there’s one thing you’ll want above all else — a functional bathroom. Being able to chill out and take a hot shower is essential to your wellbeing!

In this process, it’s vital to begin at the very top. This means wiping all of your light fixtures, vents, dusty corners, and your bathroom ceiling. And that’s the most logical thing to do because you never want to start cleaning from the bottom. If you do the top of your bathroom last, all of the dust will fall down to the floor and you’ll have to clean it all over again.

Considering that, move onto the window area — clean the coverings and window sills. Once you’ve finished this, it’s time to clean out the medicine cabinets of anything that the previous owners might have left. Then, give it a proper wash, both outside and inside.

Done? Great! Now you can proceed to deal with the fixtures, as well as your tub and/or shower. No-one likes doing this, but do this – and scrub the toilet as well. Finally, wash your mirrors and the sink — and that’s pretty much it regarding your bathroom!

Cleaning Your Kitchen

When your bathroom starts looking all polished and shiny, you’ll know that it’s time to start working on your kitchen. All of the other rooms can be cleaned in any order and manner that you prefer; but the bathroom and kitchen need to be made functional as soon as possible. After all, you need the ability to prepare a decent meal right away.

Also, the kitchen almost always requires the most thorough cleaning of all the places in your new home. If you bought the house from previous owners and you’re using their appliances, chances are that some sticky and yucky things may be left in the remote corners of your kitchen. If you want to perform a relocation to your new home that is safe and satisfactory, you’d do well to focus on your kitchen while deep cleaning your new house.

Keeping that in mind, you should perform the cleaning in the same order that you applied to your bathroom. Begin by cleaning the top areas of the kitchen, like fans and the ceiling. Then, take a look at the walls and see if they require some scrubbing. Also, if you’re a true perfectionist; wipe the light switches, because they’re bound to have some fingerprints.

If you’re having trouble with a particularly sticky stain on the tiles, a neat trick you might want to use is utilizing fabric softener; just apply it to a sponge and proceed to rub the stained area. Anything that got stuck to your wall tiles will be swept away.

The Details

Open up all of the cabinets, and remove anything that the old owners might have left behind. Afterwards, use a cleaning solution to sweep the cabinet interiors; but make sure not to use anything too strong. In fact, a mild solution is important because kitchen cabinets are often lined or painted; strong cleaning chemicals may damage the lining and the paint.

The same goes for the cabinet exteriors and their doors. In most cases these are made out of wood, so a mild soap or a specialized wood cleaner will do the trick. Unfortunately, there will probably be some nasty grease stains mucking up the proceedings. In this situation, don’t resort to potentially damaging commercial chemicals right away. Instead, try to complete the cleaning with a paste made out of water and soda.

When you’ve finished dealing with the cabinets, you can start thinking about your counters. Luckily, this is pretty much the easiest menial labor you’ll encounter while you’re deep cleaning your new house before moving in. The only detail you need to be wary of here are stains and debris found between counter cracks.

The toughest thing regarding your kitchen cleaning is dealing with the assortment of appliances. Even if they’re brand new, you’re going to want to clean them once before preparing any food or beverages inside. That goes for your dishwasher, microwave, and fridge as well.

You can buy different solutions for cleaning your stove rings, panels, and fridge shelves. These are usually milder than the general cleaning solutions for your home surfaces, and you’d be wise to use them. Once you’ve finished cleaning the interiors of your major appliances, be sure to thoroughly wash off any chemicals with plenty of water.

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